Ethos alumni making us proud: Suchit Mutha

Ethos’ main objective is to be the wind beneath the wings of young minds that are to shape our built environment in the years to come. And when we learn about our alumni’s achievements, we feel proud in sharing them with the world.

Ar. Suchit Dilip Mutha from Ahmednagar was born and brought up in the historic city itself. He graduated in architecture from VIT’s PVPCOA, Pune. While exploring different parts of India, he got exposed to different styles of architecture which inspired him and made him think what is Indianness in this context? His fascination with history and heritage led him to unbox some new paths in his academic and professional career. AYDA 2018 silver medalist and Ethos Alumnus, Suchit shares insights about his achievements and his vision to revive his home town- Ahmednagar’s rich heritage in this blog post.

Ahmednagar and its History :

Ahmednagar is a small town in Maharashtra, which upholds its identity through its culture and historical structures tell a story of the bygone era. One side of Ahmednagar is simple, historical and its form is defining its beauty and on the other side the city is racing against time to define its relative identity as a modern city in India.
Though it was considered in list of world’s developed cities and was compared with Mecca and Cairo, the scenario is grave today. Presently, Ahmednagar is a relatively small town and shows less development than the nearby western Maharashtra cities of Mumbai & Pune.   

In Ahmednagar relationship between people and heritage is disconnected and the locals even don’t know the heritage sites and their potential.

For me, it began when as a child I was roaming around the city. All historical structures acted as objects of curiosity. History evoked romanticism about the past, however, the historical structures and monuments were just a visual whose story was lost.   

I strongly believe in the statement that “Every city has or needs history to grow”, in case of Ahmednagar city there is Golden history but somehow everyone seems to have forgotten this great lineage. I did my Architectural Thesis on this concern. The topic was “Revealing the Lost Identity – Reliving the city’s History, Ahmednagar”.

My thesis also received several nominations like :

  • ASIA YOUNG DESIGNER AWARD (AYDA) : Secured Silver Medal in India.
  • Selected to represent PVPCOA, Pune in national zonals at NIASA National award for Excellence in Architectural Thesis
  • Published in newspaper : Divya Marathi, Nagar Times, Pudhari, Sakal, Samachar, etc.
  • Architectural Thesis project shortlisted for La Venice Biennale.
  • Discussion with collector on city as an Archeological park.
  • Project Published: Model Ahmednagar Book.
  • Architectural Lectures : DY Patil School of Architecture, Ambi.,  VIT’s PVPCOA, Pune, Swagat Ahmednagar, IIE (Indian Institute of Engineering)
  • Awarded as a Star of Nagar – Young Entrepreneur on the occasion of 54th anniversary of Nagar Times. 
  • Architectural thesis published on International website : ILLUSTRARH
  • Global Winner: Inaugural Architectural Photography Contest.

To create awareness Ar. Mandar Khele and I (both studied Architecture from Pune University and our hometown is Ahmednagar), as a part of JITO (Jain international Trade Organization) MAHA TRADE FAIR 2019 chose to highlight the history of Ahmednagar through an exhibition named “Revealing the True Identity, Ahmednagar”, so that we could serve our hometown and highlight its lost glory!

JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation) Ahmednagar chapter was organizing JITO MAHA TRADE FAIR 2019. After having a look at my thesis they asked me to make a pavilion on the city’s heritage.

Date of Exhibition was 24th Jan 2019 to 28th of Jan 2019. 

It’s a big task to make a pavilion which resembles the heritage in such short span of time. So we decided to exhibit the city heritage through panels and models which should be understood easily by commoners.

Exhibition showcased lost heritage through 11 potential sites which are the true identity of the city through panels and models. For model transparent acrylic material was used to showcase the internal beauty of the structure, and for panel display we showed the comparison with current situation of the structure to the era when it was built. The side panel showed its architectural details.

Pavilion was made up with 1000 waste papertubes .

This was an attempt to showcase history and architectural heritage of Ahmednagar city in Maharashtra India, through a temporary Pavilion, which was made up of waste paper tube and some new.

A pointed arch welcomed the visitors which represented the Nizam era. The visitors then followed on to the Mughal promenade avenue further leading to a folded pointed arch and finally one entered the exhibition area.

Pavilion was filled with different dramatic moods to have an endless dialogue over history and architecture which is in neglected condition in today. Paper tubes were consciously placed to create a new dialogue through “Light and Shadows” between “Heritage and Citizens”. In the pavilion, tubes were placed in such way that it gave the glimpse of inside display of heritage and architecture of Ahmednagar and also acted as a driving factor towards the exhibition area. 

Roof gave a feeling of shamiyana which allowed light to play inside in the pavilion.

In Ahmednagar, a college of architecture opened up two years ago, through JITO we organized a workshop for them. The students of Ramesh Phirodia college of Architecture helped us build the pavilion.

Within 5 days we built the pavilion.

Exhibition was visited by almost 75000+ visitors in 5 days in Ahmednagar, where everyone was curious and also proud about their golden heritage.

In Ahmednagar, we need not start from scratch, we can simply focus on reviving the old charm and this will act as catalyst in creating one of the most beautiful city in India. Ahmednagar has a history which needs to reach not only to the people of this town, but also to the people all over the world.

Our aim is : The entire city convert into an archeological park. A pause point ( as we have heavy flowing traffic through 8 national highways)

Thanking You,


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