In Search of an Experience

With Architect Mahesh Radhakrishnan from the Madras office of Architects and Designers

An 8-week long journey into exploration of design with materials as the starting point, this studio offered an unconventional perspective on design development. Aptly named,  “In Search of an Experience” delves into a process where the end result is unknown and often surprising!  A space is meant to be experienced,  but can an experience lead to creation of a space? 

Material Representation

What one experiences through architecture is a combination of space  and materiality. The studio intended to derive from the materiality and influence the formation of a space. With smaller tasks and shorter goals,  students and architects were asked to pick a material and represent it through drawings. 

From Top Right – Granite, Bamboo, Cork, Leaf

Abstraction has wide and varied interpretations in Architectural design.  In Architectural schools across the country,  a similar pattern of conception to drawings can be observed. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a large portion of the fraternity has religiously followed the “concept – case studies – site analysis – design drawings” sequence. Between the form follows, and function follows debates,  Young Minds often overlook the intricacies  of design process which lead to a form or function based space.  


Building on the first impressions of the materials, compositions were created. These were random, but as the originally chosen material had to be used, it came with benefits and limitations of its properties. It was necessary to not think about architecture at this phase as this brings along with it a whole new set of restrictions.

From Top Right – Granite, Jute, Bamboo, Wood, clay, Paper

Envisioning Spaces

Deriving from the compositions, the next step intended to envisage habitation of the spaces thus created within the compositions.

From Top Right – Foam, Foam, Sand particles, Wood


Finally comes Architecture. All the spaces and composition of spaces along-with light created so far were interpreted architecturally. Sections were drawn deriving from the exercises.

Space with Paper

‘In search of an Experience’ – an experience that was worth the exploration. Experiential design is an approach that is to be discovered by oneself. The method in which it was unfolded throughout the course, opened up a new outlook towards design. Architect Mahesh Radhakrishnan guided us through a very unique approach to designing spaces, beginning with a material. The idea was to understand its properties inside-out, and use that understanding to evolve into the design of a home at the end. There was a constant stress on the need to come up with multiple design options, which was an exercise to the creative mind, in the search for unique interpretations and ideas. An Unconventional, Explorative & Creativity-Stimulating course by ACEDGE- This has opened my mind towards understanding & adopting a different design approach amidst the mundane routine.  

Anashwara Jayakumar, Participant
Space with Jute

Contributors : Harsh Shah, Sajni Parthasarathy, Swathy, Rasya Kumar, Jaswanth Saravanan, Ralbin Veniel, Sudarshana Pani, Soundarya Seraphina, Sruthi Shabarish, Prajwal Bagrecha, Abhishek Dutta, Anashwara Jayakumar, Shanmuga Priya, Meera Kannan, Debashish Das, Pratheep Shakti, Purnima Nair, Shambavi, Athulya Joseph, Akshaya Ram, Stuti Jain

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