Humans enhance their understanding through collective learning and through each other’s experiences. Collective learning saves our time and efforts. We use the existing knowledge and build on it. Today, collective learning has further accelerated due to the new age means of mass media and internet. Communication has changed and it’s complexities reduced.

Good architecture is the perfect balance of nature, culture, art and technology where the apprentice learns by
imagining and finally,

As a novice, one does not know anything about architecture and one imitates the Masters. One looks for inspiration, reads about good practices in the library, attends seminars and visits cases. This critical aspect is dependent on the geographical limitations of the institute of learning, the goodwill circle of the institute, its location, affordability, and many other limiting variables.

In the Indian scenario, however, we see very little communication between the Master and the aspirant. Very little is written, printed and read about the Indian practice. Students generally know more about international Masters. This skewed coverage and non-circulation of local good practices leads to a warped understanding of Indian architectural studios. As we do not facilitate the first stage which learning by emulation, we cannot guarantee industry-ready designers even at the end of five years of rigorous education. The knowledge and demonstration of good architectural practices is inaccessible to most enthusiastic learners. This knowledge dissemination is also not in the popular media.

The experiential culture of architecture was earlier communicated through flat drawings, accompanied by descriptions and artistic renderings. As architecture kept pace with new technology, materials, philosophies, and styles, communication mediums were not necessarily updated . Since, the medium of communication is limited, collective learning is hindered. Furthermore, the nuances of process and methodology are hazed out as we mostly describe, not demonstrate.

At ACEDGE, it is our aim to bring these good practices on a platform and make it easily accessible to every curious learner in every part of the country. The good design Mentors are no longer exclusive for a few but accessible to all because of the good people who invented the internet! Do join and check our offerings on https://www.acedge.in/collections

Good architecture is the perfect balance of nature, culture, art and technology where, the apprentice learns by
imagining and finally,

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